Testing Products

Time for some product tests! Comparing the colors of Polychromos, Albrecht Durer, and Derwent Inktense to see how they compare and to find matches. I had a variety of pens and items I’d received via my Sketchbox subscription, so I tested those out. I was gifted an old set of Arteza brush pens, so here… Continue reading Testing Products

Daniel Smith Palettes

I ran across a number of six color palettes that Daniel Smith was building with various artists. I since I already had many of the colors, I set out to document the various collections in order to try them at some point, since I was having such fun with the Direct Watercolor Palette. (Sketchbook v2,… Continue reading Daniel Smith Palettes

So Many Colors!

I am obsessed with color! Now I was bitten with the color bug, and just had to try out all sorts of different pigments and find out what I had in stash, as well as the new ones I bought just for fun. I filled pages with these color tests in my Stillman & Birn… Continue reading So Many Colors!

Experiments with Food and Color Tests

Food sketches and color tests were a big focus for much of the rest of my very first sketchbook. This is an A5 Leuchtturm Sketchbook, which I was beginning to realize was not very good paper for the wet techniques I prefer. That did not stop me from playing with and finishing the book. Here… Continue reading Experiments with Food and Color Tests