Foundations (4th Run)

Happy New Year! I am so very excited about Foundations this year. As I was doing Buildings a lot of the basics really clicked for me in new ways, and thusly I’m quite excited to do Foundations, and focus on those basics, and allow my new depth of understanding to really be explored and practiced!… Continue reading Foundations (4th Run)

A Holiday Palette

I love the idea of seasonal palettes, and color stories. For this holiday season I am inspired by these tones and colors, and I suspect one could do quite a lot with this colored. My watercolors are all Daniel Smith. The gold gouache is Winsor Newton. After all, the holiday season needs some sparkle! Then… Continue reading A Holiday Palette

Testing Products

Time for some product tests! Comparing the colors of Polychromos, Albrecht Durer, and Derwent Inktense to see how they compare and to find matches. I had a variety of pens and items I’d received via my Sketchbox subscription, so I tested those out. I was gifted an old set of Arteza brush pens, so here… Continue reading Testing Products

Daniel Smith Palettes

I ran across a number of six color palettes that Daniel Smith was building with various artists. I since I already had many of the colors, I set out to document the various collections in order to try them at some point, since I was having such fun with the Direct Watercolor Palette. (Sketchbook v2,… Continue reading Daniel Smith Palettes

So Many Colors!

I am obsessed with color! Now I was bitten with the color bug, and just had to try out all sorts of different pigments and find out what I had in stash, as well as the new ones I bought just for fun. I filled pages with these color tests in my Stillman & Birn… Continue reading So Many Colors!

Experiments with Food and Color Tests

Food sketches and color tests were a big focus for much of the rest of my very first sketchbook. This is an A5 Leuchtturm Sketchbook, which I was beginning to realize was not very good paper for the wet techniques I prefer. That did not stop me from playing with and finishing the book. Here… Continue reading Experiments with Food and Color Tests