Testing Products

Time for some product tests! Comparing the colors of Polychromos, Albrecht Durer, and Derwent Inktense to see how they compare and to find matches. I had a variety of pens and items I’d received via my Sketchbox subscription, so I tested those out. I was gifted an old set of Arteza brush pens, so here… Continue reading Testing Products

Wardrobe Feb 2019

Wardrobe sketches! I really liked how Liz Steel sketched her garments and I copied it directly to try to figure out what made it work for me. It seems so much more dynamic than my typical wardrobe sketches! I decided the border line really helped, the outlined labels, and the shadows. Two days later I… Continue reading Wardrobe Feb 2019

Early Landscapes

Painting landscapes is one of my dream goals. Every time I try it I loathe what I do. Then I go back a few months later and realize I actually like it. Now, a couple years after I made these first attempts I realize something I simply did not get when I started–there is a… Continue reading Early Landscapes