TN Two Ways

My assignment was to draw something on a table in public, using two different types of materials. One in pen only, with spot color, and the other in watercolor pencil. Well, due to the current massive surge in COVID cases in my city, I’m not doing anything in public! However, this TN was on my table and it is one of those objects I never think about sketching, because it’s always around. Perfect!

I do love sketching in pen (with no pencil set up lines) and the wonky pen in the sketch doesn’t even bother me. The spot color was a fun addition. I need to remember that more often! The watercolor pencil is easier to adjust and make corrections, especially when adding water to activate it and make it a bit more painterly. I was incredibly tempted to sketch and paint a full color version, but I was short on time. Some other day!

This was a really fun exercise, and I very much enjoyed how different each version is and how it adds interest to the page.

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