Watercolor Course

When I started Liz Steel’s Watercolor class in August 2018 I chose the Stillman & Birn Beta, size 5.5 x 8.5 inches (14.0 x 21.6 cm) Softcover. I bought her palette colors, and loved the idea of painting the palette to start the sketchbook.

Why is this Sketchbook 1B, instead of 2? Well, when I was trying to round up my sketchbooks by the time I had several of them going, I numbered this one 1, but ended up finding the earlier sketchbook, so it became 1A, and this one became 1B.

The very first palette I set up myself! I was so proud of my filled half-pans, and of my color labels right here on page one! Great way to start a sketchbook!

The first lessons of the course were to experiment with the marks ones brush can make, and how to test the properties of the paint, and the paper. What a revelation this was to me! Not all paper is the same? Not all pigments behave the same? Not all brushes brush the same?! Mind blown!

I loved every lesson I did, and learned so much.

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