Edges, Shapes, Volumes

I seem to “getting” the lessons of this buildings course more than I ever have in the past. Learning how to sketch really is an ongoing process. You think you get it one time, but then you realize there was so much more to get. I keep getting more and more every single time!

My homework assignments, utilizing Liz’s exercises for drawing using edges, shapes and volumes.

As ever, I’m best at “shapes.” I always like my paint first, or paint only sketches. I think they are far more forgiving. I love this spread. I tried to achieve an open design, with overlap and white space. Those techniques are a challenge for me. Yes, sketchbook design in addition to technique assignments! I must keep going with it!

Other things I’m learning, or should I say having to relearn, is that I really do need to use at least a little pencil set up lines. Especially for buildings. I’m always so wonky, and off with my first lines. I think that is one reason paint only is good for me–its adjustable!

My efforts to overlap my sketches in this layout was perhaps a little less successful, and thusly I learn this, too, is an ongoing skill! One reason for the difference, is that this is in a smaller sketchbook. I had been working in the 8×10 Stillman & Birn Alpha, and this is was in a 7.5×7.5 Stillman & Birn Alpha. The smaller size is quite the adjustment.

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