Time Team & Montezuma’s Castle

Foundations lessons, and inspiration from Time Team!

I fell in love with those medieval maps! Need to find a way to learn how to do that! I copied this one from the screen!

I was too overwhelmed to sketch Montezuma’s Castle while on location, so sketched this from a photograph. Clearly I need more practice, as I did not get the results I was looking for from this sketch. Worse, I don’t know why or how. At least I’ve grown enough to realize now that this means I am lacking some sort of knowledge that can be learned, and practiced.

More sketching from television here. I have discovered with this sketch that my paper really does not do the wet in wet techniques I was attempting. Did not work! Do I need to change my paper? That said, I heart this sketch because I love the subject so much, and I do love learning, even when the results don’t work out, they teach me.

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