January Miscellany

Watercolor Markers! Okay, I admit, I saw these and they were a total impulse purchase last month. I will also admit, I gleefully squeed when they finally arrived! I have not worked too much with markers, though I have some Copic markers. I’m excited to play with markers that won’t bleed through the paper! The… Continue reading January Miscellany

Collage Pages

My new mystery box has started and this inspired some collage pages in my sketchbook! (If you are doing Curse of Humanrah by Cosy Killer, there are spoilers in these images!) I like the double page spreads much better than the side by side but very different pages. I’m still challenged by the mental block… Continue reading Collage Pages

Buildings Begins

Sketching Now Buildings begins and I couldn’t be more excited! I sketched my home and the first of the intro assignments, which I’ve done before. I’ve never finished the course, so I’m determined to do so this time! It is really interesting to see my own growth in these exercises. If you’d asked me, I… Continue reading Buildings Begins

September 2021 Sketchbook

More lost days, then a little Bob Ross inspiration. Since I’m really keen to learn how to paint landscapes, I decided to try Bob Ross in watercolor. I learned a lot about how different oil paints are from watercolor! Ha! Then a second attempt. Yep, I need a whole different set of techniques than Bob… Continue reading September 2021 Sketchbook

Sketch Kit and Color Blocks

Things are moving a bit slow around here this past week. I’m back to a tighter lockdown situation as COVID-19 cases are on the rise and I’m in an “extreme high risk” area. I have lots of unfinished pages but a few finished ones. Some random sketches and collage, little bits and pieces from my… Continue reading Sketch Kit and Color Blocks

Early Summer

May, June, and July had very little sketching. This was an attempt to paint water and trees. Oh did it fail hard! Collage page with wine labels. More collage and some pen sketches. I do love the TWSBI pens!