POV Sketch, Bougainvillea, and more

April, not much sketching happened, but some…

My second clutter sketch, and my first sketch using the POV method. Inspired by Stephen Reddy and Paul Heston for this one. I did sketch over a photograph on my iPad in Procreate in order to teach myself what kind of lines and drawing is needed to achieve this. I am happy with my efforts, and I refuse to consider it cheating. It captured the essence of the times so well, I can only love it.

The bougainvillea in my backyard really is giving a most beautiful display this year! Stunning blooms. I love how this direct watercolor approach captured the fullness and richness of those pink blossoms. The whole thing inspired me to splash, and I went a little crazy, but Loved it! I got a visit from a pair of Gimbol quail so I snapped a photo and sketched them! This spread gives me such joy!

A half done page that now becomes testament to what was really going on, by virtue of white space and the voids created by where things fade.

The last bits and pieces of April. That Beltane design is by Amy Cesari. Here ends my volume 3 sketchbook.

Guano Happens!

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