Wrapping up Buildings, Looking forward to Foundations

Buildings was great for me this year. I didn’t quite manage to finish. Again. But I got farther than I have in previous years, and had a number of breakthroughs. Seasonal depression is a thing, and in the middle of a pandemic its far worse, so I will be kind and forgiving with myself about not finishing. I loved every minute of class, every Livestream, and every sketch I did was the best I’ve yet done, and that’s a massive set of wins!

Getting better and better! My biggest success has to be in “thicknesses” and that there are a LOT more lines needed when drawing buildings! I’m getting so much more dimensionality. Even my angles and proportions, by far a big weakness of mine, are getting better! I really need to keep using pencil set up lines for that accuracy aid!

I actually sketched outside! On location! This was in a quiet neighborhood, so I didn’t have to worry about social distancing. I added the paint at home later, though, since the sun was a bit brutal by the time I was done. Next time, I need a hat! But I’ve only done “one location” sketching a few times, so every one is scary and a huge accomplishment.

“Working Structurally” may be the best thing! I couldn’t believe how fast and accurately this little sketch of Notre Dame came together! I really have learned so much. Now the trick will be to remember those seven steps!

Next up is Foundations. This will be my fourth run through Foundations, though I’ve not done a great job of finishing that one, either. Hopefully I’ve learned just how much time those lessons really take so I can try to keep up next month!

I’ve decided to go for the six color palette that Liz Steel uses for the class. It feels refreshing and interesting to me to simplify my colors, and work on color mixing, I feel pretty strong with my color mixing, and I have so much fun with it!

Once upon a time, when I got my first watercolors, I’d see a pamphlet that Winsor Newton put out about which of their colors they recommended for a six color palette, so I had to go research that and put it in my notes. However, I’ll be using Liz’s for class, particularly since I’m really curious how the earth colors will mix. Can I get “clear” tones? I’m excited to find out!

For the holidays I got a set of water color pencils! So, for the first time, I’ve got all the colors for the set in the Foundations class, and I’m so excited to be able to experiment with those, too! Never had them all in previous runs!

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