First Week of Buildings Class

The first week of Buildings class, and I’m already behind! I keep promising myself I will NOT consider myself behind, because when I do, that’s when I quit. I don’t want to quit, I love this class far too much! (And the people! The people are so great!)

Intro Lesson – Windows
Intro Lesson – Buildings
Lesson 1 – Lines

I have thusly given myself permission to go fast! Finished is better than perfect, and I can still learn plenty if I do a sketch in 15 minutes! they don’t all have to be my very best.

Then, since I had a dentist appointment I decided to treat myself to a sketch outing afterwards. When I did the course last time, for the outdoor assignment to sketch a church, I’d gone to St. Joseph’s only to find it had burned and was razed completely to the ground!

Now here is the new church, almost two years later, nearly completed. I knew I had to sketch St. Joseph’s for this assignment, and capture that story!

St. Joseph’s Church
Lesson 1 – Outdoor Assignment, Church

I will say that attempting a sketch just after the dentist really had my hand ultra shaky! I did the Edge on location, but as I was feeling poorly, and the construction workers kept eyeing me in the parking lot, I decided to head home. I finished with the Shapes, and Volumes from the photograph. I’m very proud of myself I did some of it on location, as I’m working on breaking through that mental barrier!

I’m loving class, and I’m excited to get to Lesson Two this week!

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