Getting My Sketch Mojo Back

Time to get my sketching mojo back, and dust off the sketchbook. (And let go of my negative self-judgment about dropping the ball.) What better way to get back to it than to dive in with something colorful! There is little more colorful than Aloha Shirts!

I bought an alphabet stamp set for my dates. I got this Vintage Type set from Hobby Lobby. I’m snuck off to visit some chipmunks at Piestewa Peak, so had to sketch the little guy.

I am experimenting with drawing nibs, so here was a bit of a test and capturing my research. I got a set, and found myself wondering what are the differences in these nibs? Note to self: practice drawing nibs, they are surprisingly difficult!

My new pants arrived, and that green was so not even close to the right shade, so obviously I had to do some experiments in color matching. Never did quite achieve the right shade, but I did manage to color match that Pumpkin stamp ink! The resulting color blocks, which I really just did one square at a time, with no plan, as I was mixing in my palette, ended being surprisingly pretty.

This page could probably use a frame around those pants to pull it together? It sure does feel so good to be sketching again!

Collage page to document my other new obsession, Junk Journals! I made this gorgeous Dragon Destiny journal, designed by Vectoria Designs. Obviously something I loved doing so much had to be included in my sketchbook, and what better way than to collage some of my favorite images?

Sketchbook Design class by Liz Steel Sketching Now is starting next week and I’m so very excited! I’m eager to get into a daily habit of sketching, and really working on ways to pull my pages together. I find I sketch more when I have an idea how to put it on the page. I’m going to leave the next few spreads unfinished in preparation for class, so I may end up posting out of order for a bit. What fun I will be having in this class!

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