Food Sketches Feb 2021

Sketching your food everyday is like sketching boot camp. It was also a great way to get back into the daily sketching habit. (I did very little sketching during 2020.) My aim was to work fast, get my color mixes as accurate as I could, and, of course, record the moment. Most of these I sketched after I ate, from photographs, since I haven’t yet mastered the self-restraint not to dive into the food when I’m hungry!

I find that sketchbook design elements really do help these pages come together. The frames, the text, the date heading. I shall be working with those elements more for the next food sketchbook.

This sketchbook is a Stillman and Birn Alpha softcover, 3.5″ x 5.5″. I’m probably ready to move to a larger size, but I have this size already for the next one.

I do confess that these sketches, and the preponderance of the Buff Titanium that is my flatware, gives me the urge to buy more colorful plates!

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