My Very First Sketchbook

Draw Your Day style, first page in my first sketchbook.

My very first dedicated sketchbook was definitely a rough thing. I started it in 2018 with an attempt to Draw Your Day, as I was inspired by Samantha Dion’s book by the same title.

My colors were too pale, and it was bleeding through, and I thought I was painting “wrong.” It would take me almost two years to realize it wasn’t me, it was the paper.

Lesson… paper makes a big difference!

Sketchbook Volume 1a
Sketchbook Volume 1a
Sketchbook Volume 1a
Sketchbook Volume 1a (Credit: Cauldron design by Amy Cesari) Also, Sketching Now Watercolor class work.

Since my intention was a daily sketchbook, and I wasn’t keeping up with that, I left blank pages on the idea that I would “catch-up” later. I still tend to do that. I rarely catch-up! So in April 2019 I decided to just go back in and start sketching in those blank pages.

Sketchbook Volume 1a.
V. 1a
v 1A
v. 1a

Looking back I can see how much I was experimenting and learning. I wanted to capture the same things I am still seeking to capture in every day life, with everyday sketching. I was playing a lot with different tools, including watercolor pencils.

I almost didn’t post this since the work is what I would consider terrible, and tragically beginner, and not at all as wonderful as what I see others post. But then, it is far to easy to compare ourselves, and utterly forget that most people are not posting their beginner work, but their work after a decade or more of practice. Many are professionals. It has taken me a long time to realize that I’m not required to produce professional grade art work without any training or any practice, starting from my very first effort. In fact, what a damaging idea, yet so many of us carry it. I certainly do! So here is my beginner work, raw, and rough, and terrible, yet beautiful in its beginnings and in its ability to capture where my journey begins.

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